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Haulick + Roos GmbH

Stanz- und Umformautomaten
Eutinger Straße 115
D-75175 Pforzheim
Telefon +49 7231 5805-0
Fax +49 7231 5805-10

The Haulick + Roos Service offers you:

- Service

- Spare parts

- General and partial overhauls

- Rebuilding of the control

- Service Tips




Service tip

Use our maintenance agreements to improve your process stability and reduce your maintenance costs:

  • Systematic maintenance matrix
  • Favourable conditions for replacement parts
  • Reduced hourly rates for fitters

Call us. We will be glad to inform you of all your personal conditions and possibilities.

Improve your machine availability and conserve your values with a partial or general overhaul. The benefits of a partial or general overhaul at the manufacturer's are the following:

  • Use of original replacement parts
  • Work done by qualified specialist personnel
  • 12 months warranty on all parts replaced

Optimise your stamping process by means of additional training in the field of machine operation and set-up, tool data entry and setting of tools and peripheral devices. Improve the efficiency of your stamping and forming process with:

  • Reduced set-up times
  • Optimised machine capacity utilisation
  • Use of the peripheral devices based on the optimal characteristic curves

Location: At your place production – at your machine
Participants: About 6 persons

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Good service is as important as a good product, in particular in the case of high-quality precision stamping and forming presses. Using a teleservice system, we can offer you the following benefits:

  • Easy loading of software updates
  • Long-term reduction of operating costs
  • Improved plant availability

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